Purchasing commercial software is very expensive.  We have chosen to make this as affordable as possible.

We do not have a large staff of developers that need to be fed.  We do not have our own building or any other significant infrastructure.

We have adopted a "pay-for-what-you-use" policy.  Only have a few pieces of equipment?  No problem!  You should not have to pay as much as those with a 1,000 pieces of equipment.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE charges a small monthly subscription fee with a significant discount if you pay a year at a time.  EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE will cost you less than your coffee fund.  The subscription plans are shown to the right.

What happens if you decide to stop using EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE?  At the end of your subscription period, you will no longer be able to access the program.  However, we provide you the ability to export your data in MS-Excel format so you can take it with you.

We are currently in our Beta Test phase so we are not taking subscriptions right now.  What to get in early?  Become one of our Beta Testers.  Beta Testers receive one year free and a discounted subscription rate thereafter.

Number of Units Monthly Annual
1 to 10 Units $29.99 $320
11 to 30 Units $39.99 $430
31 to 60 Units $49.99 $540
61 to 100 Units $69.99 $750
Unlimited $99.99 $1,050